PM Motors

High-End Brushless PM Motors

Flyelectro's top-level engineering delivers a radial flux motor technology, outperforming with reliability and trend-setting specifications, opening new opportunities for innovators and OEMs alike.

Compact and Lightweight

High Power to Weight Ratio

Sophisticated air cooling, allowing full performance at a wide range of environmental conditions

Permanent magnet rotor, for the highest possible torque-to-weight ratio.

Compact stator, for the shortest possible flux paths and a lower overall weight.

Concentrated windings with high copper fill factor, for the low copper losses.

High quality electrical steel, lowering for lower core losses

Scalable Design

Flyelectro brushless PM Motors have inherently scalable design with ascending power characteristics and a wide range of power configurations.

Manufacturing on demand

Our production process is designed with flexibility in mind. We solve our clients' needs with customized solutions.

Our current processes are designed in full compliance with all international quality standards.